domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2011

Happy Birthday Mohab (Part 2)

Happy Birthday Mohab

With great joy I started doing this, watching the requests that people do on your page. Our Quotes World has been very important for me, I hope that your words reach more people, this is my way of saying that I will always support you , because I am very proud to know people like you.
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish you Health...So you may enjoy each day in comfort.
I wish you the Love of friends and family...And Peace within your heart.
I wish you the Beauty of nature...That you may enjoy the work of God.
I wish you Wisdom to choose priorities...For those things that really matter in life.
I wish you Generosity so you may share...All good things that come to you.
I wish you the best of everything...That you so well deserve.May peace and joy wrap you in Blankets of love, where hope has been. And may your kind and gentle ways, Be blessed with happy, peaceful days, Becoming more beautiful with every thought, Like every flake the earth has caught.